Google Quantum Supermacy

POST HIGHLIGHT Google developed world’s fastest computer Sycamore. Before Sycamore, IBM was having the world’s fastest computer named as Summit. Google called it Quantum Supermacy because it works on Quantum physics laws. According to Google, this computer will perform most difficult task within 200 seconds. POST HIGHLIGHTS What is Google’s … Read more

Jio all in one plan

POST HIGHLIGHT Jio launched “All in One” plans earlier this week. Jio launched Rs. 222, Rs. 333, Rs. 444, Rs. 555 plans because calling non-jio users is now not free.  Plans include calling minutes and internet data. Buying “IUC with previous plans” vs “All in one plans”. POST HIGHLIGHT Jio … Read more

FaceBook alerts people to vote

Assembly election are going on in India in Haryana and Maharashtra states. To make people aware about voting, Facebook started sending notification to users. Today Facebook activated its election notification feature for India, requesting people to go out and vote for their candidates in the Maharashtra and Haryana Assembly polls.  … Read more

Google buy fireworks

You must be aware about a very popular mobile application “TikTok”. It’s a Chinese company app which is very popular for making small videos. For some people TikTok has even became an profession.  In past years TikTok has gained huge popularity and love by all users. Specially in Countries like … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Fold

POST HIGHLIGHTS Samsung Galaxy fold launched in India today. Earlier Galaxy fold faced criticism regarding display and screen issues. It features total 6 cameras with triple rear camera. Galaxy fold is emerged as first foldable Android smartphone in market.   Specifications and more details. POST HIGHLIGHTS Samsung Galaxy fold Samsung have … Read more

Call of Duty Mobile launched

Call Of Duty Mobile launched – Download from here! Post Highlights-: Call of Duty mobile launched for Androids and iOS. COD Mobile file download size is 1.1GB. Game also features Battle Royale gameplay mode. COD Mobile vs PUBG Mobile. About the Launch Tencent games have launched it’s first person shooter … Read more