Call of Duty Mobile Launched – Features and reviews

Post Highlights-:

  • Call of Duty mobile launched for Androids and iOS.
  • COD Mobile file download size is 1.1GB.
  • Game also features Battle Royale gameplay mode.
  • COD Mobile vs PUBG Mobile.
Call of Duty Mobile launched

About the Launch

Tencent games have launched it’s first person shooter game “Call of Duty Mobile” today. COD Mobile was getting prepared from late 2018 when PUBG Mobile was gaining a huge demand and love by users. Thereafter Tencent launched a beta version of game on playstore and now officially full game is on playstore.

COD Mobile Gameplay

Game is based in the same universe as the extended Call of Duty franchise and features popular maps, characters and weapons from the previous games.

Call of duty Mobile launched

Call of Duty had almost 16 years in Gaming. COD Mobile is linked with these past 16 years of gameplay story, characters and other features. Game has some elements and location from COD Modern Warfare, COD Black OPS and many other series.

Multiplayer modes includes Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Practice vs AI and Search & Destroy gameplay styles. Domination and Search & Destroy mode are available, but you have to unlock them first.

COD Mobile maps and characters

This game features many characters from past with whom many gamers must be familiar. Popular characters like John “Soap” MacTavish and Simon “Ghost” Riley and Alex Mason from the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series are featured in this game.

Call of Duty launched

There are five maps is COD Mobile for now. They are Crash, Killhouse, Crossfire, Nuketown and Hijacked. Earlier in the beta stage, the game also had a zombie mode but the same is missing from the public release of the game. 

Battle royale mode will get unlocked once you reach Level 7 in the game. It features Solo, Duo or a 4 member team up with iconic weapons and vehicles including an ATV, Helicopter and Tactical raft. Also, you will have both FPP and TPP modes in game.

PUBG Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile - Who stands where?

Now, It will be interesting to see competition between two of the most popular shooting game. 

PUBG Mobile has gained a huge attention of all gamers around the world. International tournaments has taken this game to next level. In countries like China, India and Japan PUBG is on next level.  

Expected COD Mobile progress-:

COD Mobile was available for pre-register from some months. Some users gained access to game before official launch. Many people loved it’s gameplay, graphics but many disliked also. Many of my friends played it and given negative response. 

COD Mobile pre-register version was not so loved by users as it was expected. Now let’s see what full version can do. Do tell us about your views about COD Mobile in comment section below.

In full version there are lot of new features, let’s see can full version made a vast impact on gamers.

Tell me in comment section about your views on COD Mobile. Do like and follow us on social media platforms for regular updates.

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