FaceBook alerts people to vote – Assembly elections 2019

Assembly election are going on in India in Haryana and Maharashtra states. To make people aware about voting, FaceBook alerts people to vote by sending notifications to them. Today Facebook activated its election notification feature for India, requesting people to go out and vote for their candidates in the Maharashtra and Haryana Assembly polls. 

Also, Facebook asked people to share the candidate’s name who they voted for. Voting started in Maharashtra for the 288-Assembly constituencies, while over 1.83 crore voters in BJP-ruled Haryana are to cast their votes to elect the 90-member legislative Assembly.

FaceBook alerts people to vote

“Facebook launched two new products in India recently. These apps will help people to share their views and also get information of different candidates. Facebook India Vice President and Managing Director Ajit Mohan said in a blog post.

“Candidate Connect” is designed to give voters accurate information and help people learn more about different candidates.

“Share You Voted” lets people share with friends that they’ve cast their ballots in the elections.

“The products have been customised, based on what we’ve learned from local research, including the community’s desire to hear directly from their candidates,” said Mohan.

FaceBook alerts people to vote despite it’s already a huge company and don’t need any work to do regarding elections.

“Candidate connect” and “Share you Voted” products are launched to make people aware about candidates and election processes in India. As belonging to India “World’s no.1 Democratic country” you must vote in every election.

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