Google may buy Fireworks to compete with TikTok

Google buy fireworks

You must be aware about a very popular mobile application “TikTok”. It’s a Chinese company app which is very popular for making small videos. For some people TikTok has even became an profession.  In past years TikTok has gained huge popularity and love by all users. Specially in Countries like India, China, USA, and many other tiktok has risen very high. It is owned by ByteDance which is a Chinese company that make mobile application and many more stuff.

Like Chinese app TikTok, U.S has also an app called FireWorks. It is also used to make small entertaining video. Fireworks was introduced in India last month and raised more than $100 million around the year. Bytedance’s tiktok raised around $75 billion in same time.

According to a report Google is interested in buying fireworks application. Last year in November, FaceBook also  released an app called Lasso to compete with TikTok. Lasco works in similiar way like tiktok in which user can make videos.

A report in The Wall Street Journal said that, Chinese micro-blogging platform Weibo had also shown interest in acquiring Firework. Both Weibo and Google are interested in buying fireworks.

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Firework is available for both Android and iOS platforms.  Sunil Nair is appointed as CEO and MD of firework for managing the app in India. In a statement Sunil Nair said ” My vision for Firework in India is to become more relevant and give our users every opportunity to stay meaningful and seamlessly experience a new view from their lens.”

Fireworks is currently far behind than tiktok. TikTok is raising funds in billions while fireworks is raising funds in millions. Tell me in comment section about your views on tiktok and fireworks. 

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