Google’s “Quantum Supermacy” | New Era Begins, All you need to know

  • Google developed world’s fastest computer Sycamore.
  • Before Sycamore, IBM was having the world’s fastest computer named as Summit.
  • Google called it Quantum Supermacy because it works on Quantum physics laws.
  • According to Google, this computer will perform most difficult task within 200 seconds.

What is Google's "Quantum Supermacy" ?

Google on 23 October 2019 created history by revealing that they have devloped Quantum Supermacy.

Google Quantum Supermacy

Basically, Google has developed a computer named as Sycamore. Google claimed that their quantum computer solved a particularly difficult problem in 200 seconds. Google also said that the world’s current fastest classical computer named Summit which is owned by IBM will take 10,000 years to establish the same task.

This invention is named as Quantum Supermacy. Almost all current gadgets works on classical physics which obeys Newton Laws of motion. Google’s computer will follow Quantum physics laws therefore it is named as Quantum Supermacy. 

IBM responded to Google's claim

Google said that IBM “Summit” will take 10,000 years to establish the same task that Google Sycamore will do in only 200 seconds. In reply to this IBM said that their Summit will solve the particular problem in two and half days, not 10,000 years as Google has suggested. 

In an episode of Recode’s Reset podcast, host Arielle Duhaime-Ross and Kevin Hartnett, who are senior writer for Maths and Physics magazine Quanta also talked about Quantum Supermacy and why Google dunking on IBM both was and wasn’t a huge deal.

“It’s insane because if we build a working quantum computer, it demonstrates that we have achieved a kind of physical mastery over matter in the universe. At the most fundamental level, we are controlling it. We’re manipulating it to our own ends and we’re performing calculations with it and we’re performing calculations with it. That’s kind of stunning. And the fact that engineers are now actually pulling this off is kind of amazing,” Hartnett pointed out.

For all details and listening to Podcast, visit Recode Reset.

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