ISRO Chandrayaan 2 – Have a look at amazing pictures taken by Lunar orbiter!

Chandrayaan 2 is an Indian Space Research Organisation mission to moon surface. If you want to know complete history of Chandrayaan 2 open the links below-:

“Vikram Lander is still silent and there are no reports for connection establishing with lander”. 

Isro revealed images taken by orbiter yesterday.

Yesterday, Isro tweeted and shared images of moon’s surface taken by orbiter of Chandrayaan 2. Orbiter sent in Chandrayaan 2 is working perfectly and is doing the demanded work.

ISRO tweeted-:

“Images taken by orbiter is of BOGUSLAWSKY E crater and surroundings which lies in southern polar are of Moon. Palon H. Ludwig von Boguslawsky was a German astronomer.”

Image was taken on 05/09/2019 from 100km altitude and at 04:38 IST.

All Images Shared by ISRO.

1.) OHRC, image location and study of acquired image-:

Pic Credits - ISRO

2.) A close view of moon surface by OHRC-:

Pic Credits - ISRO

3.) Have a look at boulders zoomed-in image-:

Pic Credits - ISRO

ISRO is looking to extract all the possible information through the orbiter. If you want to get latest information than do follow us for getting regular updates. Also, tell me in comment section about your views on Isro Chandrayaan 2.

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